About the Senior Pastor

SeniorPastor - aboutI am Philip Kitoto, an ordained minister with the Kenya Assemblies of God, married to Dinah Kitoto for the last 32 years. God has blessed us with three children; Sammy, Steve and Amanda. Sammy is married to Cathy and together they have a son called Addai.

I joined ICC within the second year of its inception and since then, I have served in various capacities as Assistant Pastor, Associate Pastor, Executive Pastor and in 2007 took over the leadership of ICC as the Senior Pastor. This is a family of believers I love dearly.

Over the years, I have seen ICC grow and expand. As Senior pastor, I have partnered and supported former Associate Pastors from ICC to do church plants in Mombasa, Dubai, Kiserian, Dallas. Under my watch, we have expanded our campuses from one in 2007 to the current 5 campuses. To this I give God the glory. I am delighted to have been mentored by great pastors who served ICC in the past.

ICC being a part of the family of the Kenya Assemblies of God, I was elected by the body to serve in two capacities: First, as the District Bishop for Nairobi, covering 170 churches and as the General Secretary of the organization nationwide covering 4000 churches. In addition I serve as the adjunct faculty member of the KAG EAST University.

I enjoy writing and as a result, I have published 3 marriage books – The Marriage Dance; The Other Side Of Bliss; Marriage And Family; Co-authored 3 discipleship books – Connect, Challenge, Financial Stewardship. I am a regular columnist in a large local daily (Daily Nation) on issues of relationships and marriage. I also serve on several boards, both local and international.

My hobbies are writing, traveling and making new friends, listening to music and serving.