Our Mission

ICC exists to:

Connect People to God; challenge Believers to Christlikeness; Change the World.

Our commitment is to:

  1. Connect people to God through:
    1. Relevant and meaningful worship
    2. Reaching out to seekers with the gospel of salvation
    3. Being a church with a heart for the lost in the city and nation
  2. Connect people to each other by:
    1. Being a cell based church where we intentionally shepherd congregants through small groups (Connecting Groups or CGs)
    2. Placing our discipled people in the marketplace for works of service
    3. Being a loving and caring cell based church that is an expression of the love of Christ in their relationships with each other and their neighborhoods
  3. Challenge believers to Christ-likeness through:
    1. An Intentional discipleship process that equips the believers for maturity
    2. Building and equipping disciples for the works of service
    3. Developed discipleship that will produce new leaders while at the same time building the capacity of existing ones (Cultivate Program).
  4. Change the world by:
    1. Preparing and sending believers for cross-cultural missions
    2. Being a missions minded church committed to transformational development
    3. Engage in transformational projects in education, health, economic empowerment and social justice while sharing the love of Christ for the hurting and wounded