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The ICC Teens Ministry is dedicated to transforming the lives of teens in this city and to raising a generation of world changers. The ministry is run by a team of dedicated ministry staff, who not only mentor the teens, but also encourage a culture of prayer and offer counseling services to them.

Our teens’ programs, as indicated below, are geared towards Christian growth, leadership development and faith formation.

Identity: this is a discipleship program fashioned for the teens that have just completed their secondary school education.  Its focus is to help teens redefine their identities and the directions they would like their lives to take.  It also helps them to develop their careers and guides them on how to serve in the church in various capacities.

Crossing the Bridge: this is a two-week discipleship class that is targeted towards teenagers that have just completed their primary education and are looking to move into secondary school.  It acts as a launching pad on how to navigate teenage hood.

Masters Commission: this program is primarily geared towards discipling the teens, exposing them to the mission field and the work environment.  It helps the young person to gain personal identity, self-confidence and a passion for God.  It also helps them to know their place in society and to develop values and goals that will keep them grounded.

At the end of each of these programs, our teenagers are able to effectively Connect people to God and to each other, Challenge other believers to Christ-likeness and to Change the world.  These are the pillars on which ICC stands and through which, we have effectively and positively influenced the next generation of leaders.