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The ICC Youth Church is popularly known as “FrontRunnerz”. The ministry is committed to speaking about the issues of this generation in the city of Nairobi and beyond. The ICC family boast of a youth attendance of more than 1000 young people.

The FrontRunnerz have various forms of outreach in High Schools and Colleges throughout Kenya. They is in the lead in creating meaningful worship and discipleship among young people in the city of Nairobi and beyond. Through the Masters Commission program, young people are discipled and empowered to be agents of transformation in the society around them. So far over 400 hundred youth have undergone this program.

The focus of the youth ministry if to equip and train young people to influence and impact their peers. Frontrunnerz has programs that are geared towards entrepreneurial training and life skills, which are tailored towards building the capacity of the youth to create opportunities.

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