Family Ministry

Welcome to the ICC Family Ministry. Since marriage is the bedrock of a great home, church and hence society, the church has put in place various forums to meet the needs of the family.


Marriage connection

This is a forum that happens bi-monthly. It is an opportunity for couples to come together for fellowship and learning.

Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEGs)

Marriage connection groups popularly know as Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEGs) comprise between 3-6 couples who meet monthly in their group to enrich their marriage. They study together and have teachings, and discussions on marriage related issues. Fun, fellowship and accountability are incorporated.

Kings Daughters Ministries

This forum connects ICC ladies in a monthly fellowship rediscover a woman’s place at home, church and in the society.

Widows and widowers connection

This is a special forum for widows and widowers which meets bi-monthly for fellowship, encourage and accountability with each other.

Single parents connection

These are special events set aside for single parents who meet to encourage each other and to discuss the issues and challenges that they go through in their daily lives. It is also a time for teaching and support to single parent living

Premarital counseling

PMC‘s objective is to prepare couples intending to get married into holy matrimony that honors God. It is designed to help one understand the purpose of marriage and how to deal with marital issues from a biblical stand point. The intention is to prepare couples for a healthy and fruitful marriage.

Marriage blessing

Marriage Blessing class is for those who desire to formalize their marriages to a church wedding. This targets couples who come to salvation but were married and living together with their spouse.

Class Semesters 

We run three semesters in a year for Pre Marital & Marriage Blessing Program

  • 1st  – January to February
  • 2nd – May to June
  • 3rd – September to October

If you are desire to get marriage, you can know more by applying online for the next class.

God bless You.

Rev William Odero.