Welcome to ICC

ICC is One Church – Five Locations (West, Imara, Kitengela, Kiserian and Woodlands).

Our Mission

“Connecting People to God and to each other, Challenging Believers
to Christ-likeness, Changing the World”

Our Core Values

We value Biblical Truth, Prayer and worship, Excellence, Relationships, Teamwork and Servanthood

Our Ministry Goals

Build an aggressive evangelism culture, Be an authentic community of God’s people, Commit to spiritual formation, Social transformation and build a faithful stewardship culture.


Our Mission Statement

“Connecting People to God and to each other, Challenging Believers to Christ-likeness, Changing the World

  1. Using various Creative ways of outreach in connecting people to God;
  2. Build the church beyond sunday corporate worship by connecting the congregants in small groups of fellowship.
  3. Equipping disciples with the aim of producing transformational leaders  who are ready to impact their neighborhoods and the world with the transforming love of Jesus.
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Our Core Values

  1. Biblical Truth

We value the word of God as a standard for biblical truth. We believe biblical teaching is the catalyst for transformation in individual lives and in church. The word of God is timeless and timely, relevant to the common needs of all people and speaks to every issue of contemporary living.

  1. Prayer and worship

We believe in a lifestyle of prayer and worship that exalts the Lordship of Christ. We rely on individual and corporate prayer in the conception, planning and execution of all that we do. We believe in the work of the Holy Spirit in everything that we do that will enable us to worship in spirit and truth

  1. Excellence

We seek to uphold excellence in everything that we do because we believe it honors God. Excellence includes the concepts of accountability, stewardship, creativity and innovation, integrity and high productivity.

  1. Relationships

We believe healthy relationships are key to life and growth. We encourage our people to fully participate in biblical functioning small groups and develop ministry teams for effective ministry and growth of ICC.

  1. Teamwork

We seek to form and be part of effective teams in everything that we do being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. We value the contribution of each individual working in synergy for the attainment of ICC Goals.

  1. Servant-hood

We strive to have our lives reflect a humble willingness to serve those around us at all times.


Our Ministry Goals

1. Build an aggressive evangelism culture

We are committed to developing a church of 10,000 people in 6 campuses by 2020 and to develop a creative relational evangelism plan resulting in 700 commitments to Christ per annum

2. Be an authentic community of God’s people

We target to have at least 80% of ICC congregants in Connecting Groups and to have an established online community of ICC congregants.

3. Commit to spiritual formation

Our objective is to have an established curriculum for community and opinion leaders by training and commissioning at least 2000 youth and Next Gen

4. Engage in Social transformation                          

We plan to have an established self-sustaining school with 20% intake being orphans enjoying free education and to have at least five transformational projects among the informal settlements and marginalized people groups

5. Build a Faithful Stewardship Culture

Through the support and generous giving of our congregants we are in the process of finalizing the Connection Centre in Imara campus that will be used as a multi-purpose centre. Their giving also goes a long way in supporting the various ministries as well as day to day management of the Church. We stand for Faithful Stewardship and we hold Annual General Meetings yearly to give our congregants a breakdown of how finances are spent for the sake of accountability.

Our Campus Locations